Another fun way to play and learn disc golf with your friends or more established players. Teams are made either by random draw, or sometimes an A/B pool is created to select lesser skilled players and pair them up with higher skilled players. Each player on the team tees off. The team then decides which shot is the best and they play from that spot. Continues on until the team holes out.

Start times vary with seasons. Plan on being at the park, usually meeting by hole #1, to pick teams by 5:15. Start times usually get pushed back to 5:30 – 5:45 in the summer as daylight becomes more available. Cost is generally $5 per person, and may or may not include extra fun like an ACE pot or CTP (Closest To Pin) holes. Please bring a mini if you have one. Check our Facebook Group for updates.

Doubles Schedule

  • Monday: Brandywine - Glen Heffner 
  • Monday: Killens Pond - Doug Kauffman
  • Tuesday: Lums Pond - Scott Raleigh
  • Wednesday: White Clay - Jen Tozer
  • Friday: Cape (Tags) - Steve Starkey